15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in Delaware

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Delaware, known as “The First State,” is a charming destination with a rich history and picturesque landscapes that make it an ideal choice for a romantic weekend getaway. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil beach retreat or a cozy countryside escape, Delaware has something to offer every couple in search of romance. In this article, we will explore the 15 best romantic weekend getaways in Delaware, showcasing the experiences, expertise, authorities, and trust for this delightful topic.

1. Rehoboth Beach: A Coastal Haven for Romance

Rehoboth Beach is a renowned coastal town that offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Spend a romantic weekend strolling hand in hand along the iconic boardwalk, indulging in delicious seafood, and basking in the sun on the pristine sandy beach. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a breathtaking sunset together, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Lewes: A Quaint and Charming Escape

Nestled on the Delaware Bay, the town of Lewes is a hidden gem that exudes charm and tranquility. Explore the historic district with its well-preserved colonial architecture, visit the quaint boutiques, and take a romantic boat ride along the scenic waterways. With its intimate atmosphere and serene surroundings, Lewes is an ideal destination for a romantic weekend getaway.

3. Bethany Beach: Serenity by the Shore

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Bethany Beach. Known for its pristine shoreline and laid-back ambiance, this coastal town offers the perfect setting for a romantic retreat. Take long walks along the beach, enjoy a candlelit dinner overlooking the ocean, and savor the peacefulness of this idyllic getaway.

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4. Wilmington: A Blend of Culture and Romance

Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware, is a vibrant destination that seamlessly combines culture and romance. Explore the charming streets of the historic district, visit the renowned Delaware Art Museum, and indulge in a romantic dinner at one of the city’s upscale restaurants. With its lively arts scene and romantic ambiance, Wilmington is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway.

5. Dover: History and Romance Unite

As the capital of Delaware, Dover offers a unique blend of history and romance. Visit the historic sites, such as the Old State House and the John Dickinson Plantation, and take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque downtown area. Enjoy a romantic picnic in one of the city’s beautiful parks, immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature while appreciating the rich heritage that surrounds you.

6. New Castle: Step Back in Time

Step back in time and experience the enchanting charm of New Castle. This historic town is home to beautifully preserved colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and lush gardens. Take a romantic carriage ride through the town, visit the grand mansions, and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the waterfront. New Castle offers a unique and unforgettable romantic escape.

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7. Fenwick Island: A Secluded Beach Paradise

For couples seeking a more secluded beach getaway, Fenwick Island is the perfect choice. This tranquil barrier island offers miles of pristine beaches, where you can enjoy long walks hand in hand and relish the peacefulness of the surroundings. Take a sunset cruise, go fishing together, or simply unwind and enjoy each other’s company in this idyllic beach paradise.

8. Cape Henlopen State Park: Nature’s Romance

Cape Henlopen State Park, located near Lewes, is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the park’s scenic trails, rent bicycles for a romantic ride, or have a picnic amidst the picturesque landscapes. The park’s stunning beaches provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic sunset stroll, allowing you to connect with nature while strengthening your bond as a couple.

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9. Middletown: Quaint Charm and Serenity

Middletown, a charming town in northern Delaware, offers a perfect blend of quaint charm and serene surroundings. Enjoy a leisurely day exploring the local boutiques and antique shops, visit the historic Old Academy, or embark on a romantic wine tasting tour at a nearby vineyard. Middletown’s peaceful atmosphere provides an excellent setting for a romantic weekend getaway.

10. Hockessin: A Picturesque Countryside Escape

Escape the city and immerse yourself in the picturesque countryside of Hockessin. This idyllic town is surrounded by rolling hills, scenic trails, and charming farmhouses. Take a romantic hike in the nearby state parks, enjoy a wine tasting at a local vineyard, or simply relax and unwind in the tranquil beauty of nature. Hockessin offers the perfect setting for a romantic escape.

11. Dewey Beach: A Lively Beach Retreat

If you and your partner enjoy a vibrant beach atmosphere, Dewey Beach is the place to be. Known for its lively nightlife and energetic atmosphere, this beach town offers a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment. Spend your days lounging on the beach, trying out water sports together, and dancing the night away at the beachside clubs. Dewey Beach guarantees a fun and exciting romantic weekend getaway.

12. Odessa: Quaint Beauty and Rich History

Odessa, a small town located on the Appoquinimink River, is a hidden gem that showcases quaint beauty and rich history. Explore the well-preserved 18th-century homes, visit the Historic Odessa Foundation, and take a scenic boat tour along the river. With its charming ambiance and historical significance, Odessa offers a unique and memorable romantic experience.

13. Milton: Small-Town Charm and Natural Splendor

Milton, a charming small town in Delaware, is a perfect destination for couples seeking a blend of small-town charm and natural splendor. Explore the historic downtown area, visit the local art galleries, and take a romantic stroll along the Broadkill River. Milton’s tranquil surroundings and friendly atmosphere create a romantic atmosphere that is sure to captivate your hearts.

14. Chesapeake City: Cross the State Line for Romance

Located just across the Delaware-Maryland border, Chesapeake City is a picturesque waterfront town that offers a delightful escape for couples. Walk hand in hand along the charming canal, dine at the waterfront restaurants, and enjoy a sunset cruise along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Chesapeake City’s scenic beauty and romantic ambiance make it a perfect weekend getaway for couples.

15. Milford: Riverside Serenity

Nestled along the Mispillion River, Milford is a serene town that provides an ideal setting for a romantic weekend escape. Explore the downtown area with its unique shops and art galleries, take a scenic river cruise, or simply relax by the riverside and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. Milford’s peaceful ambiance and natural beauty make it a romantic haven for couples.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: What are the best times to visit Delaware for a romantic weekend getaway?

The best times to visit Delaware for a romantic weekend getaway are during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is pleasant, and the tourist crowds are relatively smaller. The months of April to June and September to November offer comfortable temperatures and beautiful landscapes, creating a perfect atmosphere for romance.

FAQ 2: Are there any romantic bed and breakfast options in Delaware?

Yes, Delaware is home to numerous romantic bed and breakfast establishments that cater to couples seeking a cozy and intimate experience. From historic inns to charming cottages, these accommodations offer a personalized touch, comfortable amenities, and a romantic ambiance that is perfect for a weekend getaway.

FAQ 3: Can you recommend any romantic activities in Delaware?

Certainly! Delaware offers a wide range of romantic activities for couples. Some popular options include sunset cruises along the coast, horse-drawn carriage rides through historic towns, wine tasting tours at local vineyards, and scenic hikes in state parks. Additionally, indulging in candlelit dinners at waterfront restaurants or enjoying couples’ spa treatments are also highly recommended for a romantic experience.

FAQ 4: What are some outdoor activities suitable for couples in Delaware?

Delaware’s natural beauty provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities that couples can enjoy together. From kayaking along scenic waterways to biking through picturesque trails, there are options for every adventure level. Couples can also try their hand at fishing, birdwatching, or simply taking leisurely walks along the beach, immersing themselves in the peaceful surroundings.

FAQ 5: Are there any romantic events or festivals in Delaware?

Delaware hosts various romantic events and festivals throughout the year. From wine festivals to art walks and live music performances, there are numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture while enjoying a romantic ambiance. Check the local event calendars and tourism websites to stay updated on the latest happenings during your visit.

FAQ 6: How can I make a romantic weekend getaway in Delaware more special?

To make your romantic weekend getaway in Delaware more special, consider surprising your partner with small gestures like arranging a private beachside picnic, booking a couple’s spa retreat, or writing a heartfelt love letter. Additionally, exploring lesser-known hidden gems, trying local cuisine, and capturing memories through photographs can add an extra touch of romance to your getaway.


Delaware offers a plethora of romantic weekend getaways that cater to couples seeking a memorable and enchanting experience. From coastal retreats to countryside escapes, each destination exudes its unique charm and provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. So pack your bags, grab your loved one’s hand, and embark on a journey to explore the 15 best romantic weekend getaways in Delaware, where love and romance await at every corner.

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