13 Haunted Places in Mumbai to Scare the Wits Out of You

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Discover the most bone-chilling and eerie locations in Mumbai with our comprehensive guide to the 13 haunted places that will leave you trembling. Experience the thrill and fear of these spooky spots and delve into the legends and stories surrounding them.


Mumbai, the bustling metropolis, is known for its vibrant culture, glitzy nightlife, and iconic landmarks. However, beneath the surface of this thriving city lies a dark and haunting secret. Throughout its history, Mumbai has accumulated tales of ghostly encounters, eerie apparitions, and unexplained phenomena. If you’re a brave soul seeking spine-chilling adventures, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the 13 most haunted places in Mumbai that will scare the wits out of you. Brace yourself for eerie tales and hair-raising experiences!

D’Souza Chawl – The Cursed Abode

D’Souza Chawl is a dilapidated residential building in Mahim, Mumbai, which has gained notoriety as one of the most haunted places in the city. Legend has it that a woman fell into a well and died tragically, and her vengeful spirit haunts the place. Locals have reported eerie apparitions, chilling cries, and inexplicable sounds, making it a spine-chilling destination for daredevils.

Mukesh Mills – Where Shadows Dance

Mukesh Mills, once a thriving textile mill, now stands abandoned and desolate in Colaba. Its eerie ambiance and decaying structures have made it a favored location for Bollywood horror films. However, the rumors of real paranormal activity on the premises are what truly give visitors goosebumps. Brave souls have claimed to witness shadowy figures, ghostly whispers, and sudden temperature drops, making Mukesh Mills a must-visit for paranormal enthusiasts.

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Sanjay Gandhi National Park – Nature’s Spooky Abode

Amidst the lush greenery of Sanjay Gandhi National Park lies an eerie secret. It is believed that the park’s dense forests harbor spirits and entities that wander through the night. Several visitors have reported hearing strange rustling sounds and witnessing apparitions that vanish into thin air. The park’s serene beauty during the day takes on a sinister aura after dusk.

Vrindavan Society – A Ghostly Enclave

Vrindavan Society in Thane is infamous for its ghostly encounters. Locals and residents have recounted seeing a spooky woman in white attire wandering through the complex. Her chilling presence and sudden disappearances have perplexed and frightened many. Some believe she is a restless soul seeking salvation, while others see her as a harbinger of misfortune.

Poonam Chambers – The Haunted Commercial Complex

Poonam Chambers, a commercial building in Worli, has a sinister reputation. It was the site of a tragic fire incident in 1991 that claimed many lives. Since then, rumors of paranormal occurrences, such as flickering lights and eerie shadows, have surrounded the place. Employees and visitors often feel an unexplained sense of dread and unease, making it a spine-chilling destination.

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St. John’s Baptist Church – Where Spirits Roam

The St. John’s Baptist Church in Andheri holds a dark secret beneath its tranquil facade. Legend has it that the church’s cemetery is haunted by the spirits of British soldiers who died during the colonial era. Many have claimed to hear ghostly footsteps and whispers in the churchyard, especially during the night.

Tower of Silence – Where Spirits Soar

The Tower of Silence in Malabar Hill is a unique and chilling place where Zoroastrians practice the ancient ritual of “sky burial.” Corpses are left atop the tower to be consumed by vultures. The eerie silence and vulture circling create an otherworldly atmosphere, attracting both curiosity and fear.

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Dahanu Road – The Haunted Train Station

Dahanu Road railway station in Palghar district has a ghostly reputation due to a tragic train accident that claimed several lives. Commuters and station staff have reported encountering shadowy figures and hearing disembodied cries. The station’s eerie ambiance after dark makes it a spine-chilling destination for ghost hunters.

Marve and Madh Island – Beaches of the Supernatural

Marve and Madh Island, known for their scenic beauty, also have a sinister side. These beaches are believed to be haunted by the spirits of drowned fishermen and shipwrecked sailors. Visitors have claimed to see apparitions walking along the shoreline and hear mournful cries echoing through the night.

Grand Paradi Towers – The Haunting High-Rise

The Grand Paradi Towers in Kemps Corner witnessed a series of tragic suicides in the 1990s, giving rise to rumors of paranormal activity. Residents have reported strange occurrences, including elevator doors opening on their own, eerie sounds, and the feeling of being watched. The tower’s chilling history continues to intrigue and terrify people.

Pali Hill – The Cursed Neighborhood

Pali Hill, an upscale residential area, harbors a tragic tale of unrequited love and vengeance. The legend of a lady in white wandering the streets seeking justice has spooked many residents. Some claim to have encountered her apparition, while others have experienced a sudden drop in temperature when passing by certain spots.

Aarey Milk Colony – Haunted by Tribal Spirits

Amidst the serene surroundings of Aarey Milk Colony resides a dark secret. The local Warli tribe believes that the area is haunted by ancient tribal spirits. Tales of mysterious lights, eerie drumbeats, and ghostly apparitions have been passed down through generations.

Vashi Bridge – The Haunting Waters

Vashi Bridge connects Navi Mumbai to the mainland, but it is also known for its eerie incidents. Several accidents have occurred on the bridge, leading to the belief that it is haunted. Commuters have reported seeing ghostly figures and experiencing an inexplicable feeling of dread while crossing the bridge at night.


Q: Are these haunted places accessible to the public?

A: Yes, most of these haunted places are accessible to the public, but some are private properties, so it’s essential to respect the rules and not trespass.

Q: Have there been any scientific investigations into these hauntings?

A: While some paranormal enthusiasts and investigators have explored these locations, no concrete scientific evidence of haunting exists.

Q: Can I visit these places at night?

A: It is not advisable to visit these places at night for safety reasons, as some areas may be poorly lit or have dangerous conditions.

Q: Are there any guided tours to explore these haunted spots?

A: Yes, some tour operators offer haunted tours for thrill-seekers who want to explore these places with expert guidance.

Q: What should I do if I encounter something paranormal?

A: If you encounter something eerie or unsettling, it’s best to maintain your composure, leave the area, and avoid provoking any potential spirits.

Q: Are these haunted stories based on real experiences?

A: The stories surrounding these haunted places are a mix of urban legends, folklore, and alleged encounters, making them part of Mumbai’s rich cultural tapestry.


Mumbai, with its vibrant energy and bustling cityscape, hides a mysterious and eerie side that will send shivers down your spine. The 13 haunted places mentioned in this article are more than just spooky tales; they are an integral part of Mumbai’s folklore and history. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer in the supernatural, exploring these haunted locations is bound to be an unforgettable experience. So, if you dare, embark on a journey to these bone-chilling spots and let the stories of the paranormal unfold around you.

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