8 Best Things To Do in Jekyll Island

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Discover the 8 best things to do in Jekyll Island for an unforgettable island escape. From pristine beaches to historic landmarks, experience the essence of this charming destination.


Planning a vacation that perfectly combines relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration? Look no further than Jekyll Island, a hidden gem nestled off the coast of Georgia. With its captivating natural beauty, rich history, and array of activities, Jekyll Island offers an unparalleled getaway for travelers seeking a unique experience. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or beach lover, this guide will take you through the 8 best things to do on this picturesque island.

8 Best Things To Do in Jekyll Island

1. Explore Driftwood Beach

Kickstart your journey with a visit to the iconic Driftwood Beach, where nature’s artistry is on full display. As the waves gently lap against the shoreline, you’ll be mesmerized by the mesmerizing driftwood sculptures that dot the landscape. This serene spot offers fantastic photo opportunities and a tranquil atmosphere that’s perfect for quiet contemplation.

2. Discover the Historic District

Step back in time as you explore the island’s Historic District, home to fascinating landmarks that tell the story of Jekyll Island’s past. Wander through the enchanting streets lined with grand cottages and historic buildings, including the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. Don’t miss the chance to take a guided tour and learn about the island’s prominent role in American history.

3. Enjoy Water Sports and Outdoor Activities

For those seeking adventure, Jekyll Island has no shortage of water sports and outdoor activities to offer. Embark on kayaking excursions through winding tidal creeks, go paddleboarding along the serene waters, or try your hand at fishing to catch the island’s local marine life. With miles of biking and hiking trails, the island is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

4. Visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center

A visit to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a must for nature lovers of all ages. This rehabilitation center focuses on the conservation and rehabilitation of sea turtles. Take a guided tour to learn about these incredible creatures and their journey to recovery, and witness firsthand the center’s efforts to protect these endangered species.

5. Lounge on Pristine Beaches

Unwind and soak up the sun on Jekyll Island’s pristine beaches. With its uncrowded shores and gentle waves, it’s the perfect place to relax with a book, build sandcastles with your family, or simply take a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge. Glory in the breathtaking sunrise or sunset views that make for unforgettable moments.

6. Explore Horton House Ruins

History buffs will be enthralled by a visit to the Horton House Ruins, a testament to the island’s colonial past. These 17th-century tabby ruins provide a glimpse into early Georgia history and are a captivating site to explore. Wander through the remains of the estate, including the tabby walls and remnants of the wine cellar.

7. Tee Off at World-Class Golf Courses

Golf enthusiasts will find their paradise on Jekyll Island’s world-class golf courses. With stunning coastal views, meticulously designed fairways, and a variety of courses suitable for players of all levels, you’re in for a golfing experience like no other. Perfect your swing while enjoying the island’s natural beauty.

8. Indulge in Culinary Delights

No getaway is complete without savoring the local flavors, and Jekyll Island offers an array of dining options to tantalize your taste buds. From fresh seafood caught straight from the Atlantic to Southern-inspired cuisine, there’s something for every palate. Be sure to explore the island’s charming eateries and treat yourself to a memorable culinary adventure.


Is Jekyll Island accessible by car?

Absolutely! Jekyll Island is easily accessible by car via a causeway from the mainland. It’s a convenient and scenic drive that sets the tone for your island adventure.

Are the beaches suitable for swimming?

Yes, the island boasts several beaches with calm waters, making them ideal for swimming, especially for families with children.

Can I rent equipment for water sports on the island?

Definitely! There are various rental shops on the island where you can get equipment for kayaking, paddleboarding, and more.

Is the Georgia Sea Turtle Center educational for kids?

Absolutely! The center offers engaging and educational programs tailored to children, making it an excellent family-friendly destination.

Are the historic cottages open for public tours?

Yes, many of the historic cottages in the Jekyll Island Historic District are open for guided tours, allowing visitors to step back in time and learn about their intriguing history.

What’s the best time to visit Jekyll Island?

The island is a year-round destination, but the spring and fall months offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making it an ideal time for a visit.


Jekyll Island promises an enchanting escape where natural beauty, history, and adventure converge. Whether you’re exploring the intricate driftwood sculptures on the beach, uncovering the island’s storied past, or basking in the warmth of the sun on its shores, each experience on the island is a treasured memory waiting to be made. So pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and embark on an unforgettable journey to discover the 8 best things to do in Jekyll Island.

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